What makes you so addicted to Aerial Arts?

Most of you have told me that our Aerial Classes are addictive. Some say they like the feeling of letting go for 1 hour per week, releasing stress and being creative, having time for yourself and forgetting about work!. Others love the challenge, some love the fitness benefits and other just love learning something new every week! it is safe to say that Aerial Arts is for everyone !

It is always great to hear other students views on our classes. This week Tammy Zarb Director of Industry Aerial Arts on the Gold Coast, talks to one of her new students Emma Hoskins about her aerial fitness goals and what keeps her coming back for more!

Emma Hoskins showing us how Aerial Classes at Industry Aerial Arts has changed her life!

Q: What do you like most about our aerial classes and working out in the air? A: I love that every week I get a little better at something that’s really hard! I love hurting the next day because I work my butt off the night before. And I like that we can all giggle and not take ourselves too seriously.

Q: How has your body changed ? A: I’m fresh from the couch and have no athletic background, so i’ve noticed a lot of change! I feel leaner and tighter. My arms feel so strong and my posture is great.

Students from Industry Aerial Arts in the Gold Coast, learn to transition with ease in the air!

Q: One words that describes how you feeling in the air and after class. A:  In the air I feel amazing! After class, i feel I have had a great hard workout!

Q: What made you want to try aerial arts at IAA? A: I wanted to find somewhere that had the time and patience to help me right from the beginner level. Somewhere encouraging and fun, and I’ve found it! Tammy and her aerial team of Instructors are great to work with, also I feel they have great knowledge about all facets of Aerial Arts.

Q:Your Goal through aerial fitness is? A: My Goal is to keep getting better and stronger. I never would have thought this would be something I would do!

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Behind the Scenes: Look at the most popular aerial arts classes on the Gold Coast!

It always amazes me how many times a day I am asked “How come our classes are so busy and how come everyone on the Gold Coast talking about them”

Check out your exclusive look behind the scenes of classes at Industry Aerial Arts located in Southport on the Gold Coast, and see why we have become the most popular aerial school, providing a workout in the AIR with a difference!

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Living the HIGH life: Sarah Bass

In this weeks edition of “Living the High life”, Industry Aerial Arts Director Tammy Zarb takes you behind the scenes and inside the life of aerial student Sarah Bass. With her love for adrenaline and adventure on the Gold Coast, Sarah tells us why Aerial Arts is for her and how she has gained a whole new respect for the hottest art form around!

How is aerial arts different from pole dancing?

I find aerial silks similar to pole in some aspects but very different in others – one thing I do know is that are both breath-taking to watch when performed well!  Originally from a pole fitness background, wrapping, tying and suspending myself using the stretch polyester fabric in comparison to a metal pole was strange initially.  Each week, I find myself getting more and more familiar with the fabric and it’s evident that my strength and techniques gained from pole fitness has allowed me to transition into aerial silks quite quickly.

What do you love about aerial arts?

The feeling I get being suspended high in the air, relying entirely on my own strength and skill to keep me up there, is like nothing else.  I love being able to wrap, fly, float, drop, swing and spiral in and out of various positions, using only a piece of polyester fabric!

In the future where would you like to see industry aerial arts arts take you?

I’m really enjoying taking the ‘passenger seat’ at the moment.  I love teaching pole, however I am just as enthusiastic about learning and aerial silks is really a completely new skill for me.  I would love to keep focusing on building my strength and flexibility, focus on linking moves beautifully and one day I would really enjoy performing aerial silks!

How has it increased your fitness? 

Aerial has significantly increased my strength in my upper body, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps as well as my core.  Aerial is not your ‘mainstream’ exercise and I have found it really targets unique muscle groups in comparison to most other activities.  It has also improved my aerobic fitness level, having to stay up on the silk for prolonged periods at the time is really very challenging and can leave you really breathless!  The best feeling you get in aerial besides mastering a new trick or drop is the ‘fore-arm pump’ after a serious climbing session!

Another happy hanging student ! For details on our classes visit our class schedule on our website www.industryaerialarts.com.au and come and see what all the fuss is about! One thing is for sure you will be addicted to aerial arts once you try it …. just ask Sarah!

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